A Teepee Wedding

I occasionally get asked to shoot a wedding, mainly from friends, and mainly from friends that ‘get’ the way I shoot!

So when Anita and Mark asked me to photograph their wedding I knew they knew the style in which I shoot, and when they said it was going to be a teepee, festival style wedding in which I had free reign to shoot in a street/documentary style (with the exception of a few group shots) in an awesome location…. how could I refuse!!

The teepee is located in the grounds of Beaumont Hall near Hemel Hempstead, it’s a fantastic location complete with fairy lights and fire pit, and at night the whole setup really comes alive.

Also in attendance was Jonathan, Toastmaster extraordinaire. He goes by the name of jdtoastmaster on Insta and is an absolute professional, and was a great help organising the groups…. something which I don’t relish the thought of!

I took along my Olympus OMD with the Pro 12-40 zoom for a bit of reach in the ceremony, and both Fuji X100’s. The X100T was superb in the ‘getting ready’ locations… small and discreet, meant I was able to snap away without being obtrusive.

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