Fujifilm XF10

Whist waiting for the much publicised and long awaited Ricoh GRiii to be released, I started looking what else was available.
I wanted a compact travel camera, something that would actually fit in a pocket. I have a Fuji X100 and a 100T which are both excellent however the don’t fit into a pocket. The Ricoh was (and still is) taking forever to be released here, and it is going to be very expensive when it finally drops so the alternative was a GRii and a Fuji XF10.

The older Ricoh price has inflated somewhat recently, probably due to the new model release so I looked into the fuji. Not many around the usual places for second hand models, ebay etc has a few come up now and again however a couple of online shops had them at a similar price and include a warranty. I traded in my old Fuji X20 as it wasn’t getting much use lately and free’d up a bit of cash to buy the XF10.

Just before I bought it and as I was still procrastinating over the purchase, I saw that a photographer I follow and respect had just started using one too. I follow Phil Kneen’s blog here.. Phil Kneen’s Blog and we are FB friends, and looking at the quality of his work with the little Fuji made up my mind, I ordered mine and saved a shitload of cash over buying the new GR too.

I was about to embark on a couple of days in Krakow, Poland so this would be the ideal time to test the XF10, I left my X100 at home and just had the little Fuji with me… luckily it takes the same size batteries as the X100 and I have a bagfull of them!

The first thing I did on arrival was drop my ‘man bag’ containing all my crap for the flight, headphones, charging cables etc and my new fuji….. and now the pristine compact has a new ding and a couple of little scratches to the paint…. ah well I love a beaten up camera any way!, I am not gentle with my kit so it has to be able take a few knocks.

It is very compact, and slips into my jeans pocket very nicely so I took it everywhere with me. I liked the way it works, and the wrist strap that comes with it is lovely. I think I need to set up the touch screen properly as I kept switching focus modes by accident.
I didn’t have any focusing problems, maybe because I’m used to the way Fuji’s AF works.
The weather was mostly wet and dull, so I found upping the exposure comp helped a bit but apart from that it was a joy to use.

Here’s a few pics. I loved Kracow, very friendly, cheap food and beer and lots to see and do… If you get the chance, go there.

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