Cromer takes a beating by the sea

We go to Cromer in Norfolk from time to time, it’s close to home, it has beaches, waves and great fish and chips!
This particular trip, the wind was howling and it brought in some spectacular waves, albeit not unusual for this time of year and it does get a lot worse, according to one of the locals I got chatting to down by the promenade.

I usually get up at sunrise to get some pics…. not a chance of the sun coming up this time, but the tide was in and the sea was having a ball smashing into the sea wall and pier.
I did get a soaking whilst trying to video the waves on my phone, one caught me out and completely covered me, luckily no one about to piss themselves laughing. I had top go home and get changed it was that bad… plus I had my Fuji X100 around my neck, which did play up a bit afterwards, but after a day or two drying out, its back on form again. I know that the salt water has got in there somewhere though so maybe it will shorten it’s life span as the slow corrosion process kills it from the inside.

All pics taken on Fuji X100T


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