China Town at night.

My latest batch of Pound land Agfa Vista has just come back from developing at AG-Photolab, I leave it so long to send my film away that I struggle to remember which camera I used, so I’ve started labelling the canisters and making a note of what is on it.

This batch was shot on my Olympus MJUii compact, which I managed to get hold of for a fairly reasonable price before it went mental, there’s a post about it on here somewhere. It’s a great little camera for shoving in one’s pocket and having as a quick point and shoot.

This is part of what I got back, a few night time pics in China Town, London.

film MJUii 2017-1film MJUii 2017-3film MJUii 2017-4film MJUii 2017-6film MJUii 2017-7film MJUii 2017-8film MJUii 2017-10film MJUii 2017-13film MJUii 2017-14film MJUii 2017-15film MJUii 2017-16film MJUii 2017-17film MJUii 2017-18film MJUii 2017-19film MJUii 2017-20film MJUii 2017-32film MJUii 2017-34film MJUii 2017-36film MJUii 2017-24


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