The Barbican Estate, London.

The Barbican, 38 acres of interesting architectural playground, built on land levelled by the Germans in a single night of bombing in 1940.

I love ‘Brutalist’ architecture, however there are questions as to whether the Barbican is true Brutalist, as it’s elements of Brutalism, the concrete cladding was only added as a late amendment. It was originally planned to be clad in white marble!!… how much would that have cost!

As a photographer, it offers so many interesting angles to capture and you can literally lose yourself in it and forget all concept of time!

I spent most of a day down there, the weather wasn’t great… I would like to go back in better light as the shadow areas created would get very interesting.

A good site for more info is Barbican Living

Barbican 2017-2Barbican 2017-3Barbican 2017-6Barbican 2017-8Barbican 2017-10Barbican 2017-12Barbican 2017-13Barbican 2017-15Barbican 2017-18Barbican 2017-23Barbican 2017-24Barbican 2017-25Barbican 2017-31Barbican 2017-32Barbican 2017-35Barbican 2017-38Barbican 2017-42Barbican 2017-44Barbican 2017-46Barbican 2017-48Barbican 2017-49

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