My settings for street photography using the Fujifilm X-100 (not the X-100F)

I have had my original Fujifilm X-100 from the start of the X revolution. I fell in love with the look, the retro style, it was 2011… I wanted a Leica just like my street photography peers but that was way out of my price band, the X-100 looked the part….  At first it was quirky, hard to handle and slow, especially after coming from a DSLR, it wasn’t what I expected but I loved the look and I had already got the street photography bug bad and sold my other kit to buy it…. it had to work!

I was really struggling with this awkward little camera, damn AF was slow, missing shots and frustrating the hell out of me, I shoot street candid, I don’t do portraits, so speed is important…… I wanted to sell it a few times then I couldn’t let it go when it came to boxing it up and saying goodbye!

Even when the new models ‘S’ and ‘T’ arrived on the scene, I can’t say I wasn’t tempted, and now the ‘F’ looks even more of an upgrade, I still won’t let this one go.

Thankfully Fujifilm have made things much better (but not perfect) with the firmware updates, even updating older models after they had brought out newer models, Kudos to them for that, excellent work!…. however for lag-free street photography, I use these settings.

ISO auto, min 125th shutter/max iso 3200 – Aperture Priority  @F8- Manual focus set to 7ft and Flash depending on mood. I use the back button focus method (EL/FL button) to change the focus distance if I need to.

Pretty basic, but it does mean that at least I can shoot without waiting for the AF, there’s no lag or hunting around and everything from 6ft to 9ft approximately will be in an acceptable range of focus and makes shooting moving objects an lot easier!

The original X-100 now represents great value at the used prices one can pick them up for now the latest flagships are on the market, don’t under estimate them they are still a very capable camera…. even without all the bells and whistles.





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