Inside the Tate Modern

Shooting on the streets in December can be a bit…. bloody cold! this time I was getting numb fingers and a little pissed off with winter already. I was on one of my usual walks, on the Southbank of the Thames, in London.

The Tate Modern is a usual stop off of mine, mainly for a coffee n toilet break! I hadn’t actually had a walk around the free exhibitions for a while, so to stay out of the cold and thaw out a little I decided to have a wander. I came across this exhibition of sort of sticky tape, I can’t remember for the life of me what it was actually called, but it seemed to involve a lot of blue tape and spotlights….. not a very articulate or intelligent description, but there ya go…it is what it is!

The spotlights were making some interesting silhouettes and shadows on the walls, this one caught my attention.




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