Olympus Pen F (not a review)

I had a couple of days trying out the relatively new Pen F from Olympus. They do a thing called ‘test and wow’, where you can book a slot at a local stockist and borrow a camera/lens combo and try it out….. I had the Zuiko 17mm f1.8 lens (in my opinion this lens should be compulsory with this body)!

I’m not trying to review this camera here, there’s enough blurb out there already about it, just google it.

I did enjoy using it though, things I liked about it were the styling (I prefer the black one) and feel….. contrary to what I’ve heard/read, I didn’t feel the need for an extra grip… it fitted just nice, and the thumb rest is in exactly the right place for me.

The ability to change easily between colour and black and white modes using that mode wheel thingy knob on the front of the camera.

The black and white sim it produces is lovely, I was using it with medium added grain, the saturated colour mode too is very nice… I loved them both.

The AF is what I expected from Olympus, very fast and accurate as is all the OMD range I’ve owned.

The camera is also a very capable video machine, benefiting from the 5 axis stabilisation, although I did some filming with it, my laptop is so old that it wouldn’t play smoothly as it can’t cope with stuff that is too high HD.

What I didn’t like was… no weather sealing, had it been weather proof, I would be buying now. The flippy screen was difficult for my sausage fingers to fold out from the body. Giving it back!…. I hated that one.

Like I said, this isn’t a review, just me rambling on…. so heres some pics taken with the Pen F and Zuiko 17mm F1.8 lens.






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