Rutland Water Cycle Way

Approximately 17 miles, or 23 miles if you include the peninsular, Rutland Water is a nice little run out on a mountain bike, and makes a change from the flat fenland around Peterborough where I live.

There’s two bike shops (north and south shores) so plenty of bits to buy if you need spares or a new bike!


Setting off along the south shore slog (any names here are segments on Strava) and up the bloody steep little Manton Bay Climb, keep you mouth firmly shut to avoid a snack of a million midges. A nice view from the top of the hill.


Dropping down towards Egleton there is the option to do the Peninsular route to extend your ride.


Not many people about, but plenty of sheep!


The route is now well sign posted, so very little chance of getting lost, but the first time I did the route a few years back… I got badly lost in a thunder storm and must have added about 5 miles on!


a bit of riding by the road side on the opposite side of the reservoir, bring you back to the other Rutland Cycles shop and the Ice-cream shop! Carry on over the end wall of the reservoir and back to the final run to the car park, fly fishermen were catching well as I rode past, on to Normanton Church where the Rutland Bell passenger boat departs from.



All images from Olympus Mju-ii and pound land vista film.



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