Bloggers Block?

When you can’t think of anything to put in your blog? yeah that.

I read loads of blogs, I like reading and looking other peoples images and words. They always have something to say, images to show. I go through spurts of activity, I find it difficult to keep posting. Hence this post, all I’m doing is putting my thoughts into words and typing them here.

I have recently been through the condition known to photographers as GAS… gear acquisition syndrome. I had an Olympus EM5 with the 12-50 ‘kit’ lens, I tried selling via a few Facebook groups I belong to with no success so I traded it in at an internet camera shop, I still have not decided what to use my trade in credit for!…. I was going to get the new Pen F, but changed my mind last minute…… I hate this frame of mind.

While this was going on I ebayed loads of kit that I wasn’t using and bought a second hand Fuji X-Pro 1. This would be the second one for me, and within a week of owning this one it was back on the market, its a camera I love to look at but using it just doesn’t suit me, the way I shoot. Then I happened to come across a mint condition Olympus EM1, this would be a great replacement for the EM5 I traded in. I bought this and up to now I am very happy with it, it is fairly bullet proof, a weather sealed body with more features than I’ll ever do justice to….. I use it along side my mju film compact, which I love, so easy to use and discreet to carry.

So for now this session of GAS seems to have subsided, although I have always fancied one of the Ricoh GR digitals and I keep coming across them in other blogs I’m reading… you know who you are!

Here’s a couple of recent pics snapped as I wander around London thinking to myself wtf am I doing this for?…..






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