Olympus mju II at last!

I’ve been scouring eBay for one of these cameras for ages, the price of them can be ridiculous, varying from £30odd to hundreds! it’s a case of playing the long game, watching every one that comes up for sale and waiting for a bargain. Mine came up and although it isn’t perfect (the battery door doesn’t fasten, I have to use gaffer tape) I can live with that rather than pay stupid money for one.

I love the way a compact film camera works, simplicity itself…. load the film, fire it up and you’re away. With the mju the flash is on auto as default so if you don’t want flash you have to make a point of turning it off every time you open the clamshell lens cover, no big deal for me, although it may bother some people.
The actual camera itself is a lot smaller than I thought it would be for some reason, this a bonus really as it easily slips in my pocket or with the long lanyard, it goes around my neck and into my jacket.

It is operated by opening the sliding clamshell front, revealing the lovely Zuiko 35mm 1:2.8 lens, through the view finder theres a cross hair and framelines with red and green operation lights. The focusing distance is from 1.2ft to infinity, coincidentally (or not) the supplied lanyard is 1.5 ft long, so can be used as a good enough distance measure for close ups.
ISO is set via DX coding on the film, the flash has 6 modes…Auto/Red eye reducing/Off override/Fill in/Night scene/Night scene red eye reducing. There is a 12 second self timer and a function to enable spot metering.
And that’s it… it winds on automatically and rewinds itself at the end of the roll. Simples!

I have only put one test roll though it up to now, but I love it already, and I’m very happy with the images it produced

0 Olympus mjuii

2 Olympus mjuii

1 Olympus mjuii.



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