Olympus OMD Pinhole lens

So I decided I would like to try pinhole photography, as I’m so impatient and didn’t want to go through the faf of making a darkroom etc… I decided a digital pinhole solution would be best for me.

I started by looking around on the ‘net for ideas then searching the house for suitable material to make my lens. It came in the form of a lid from a tin of spaghetti, (not that I eat the stuff, of course… someone else here does though)!

I managed to hammer a needle through it and gaffa taped it up to get rid of shiny surfaces. The next problem I encountered was that the tin lid … I mean lens, when pushed on the camera body pushed in the button which connects the normal lens to the body and each time it pressed in, the EV would go black… thus making it very awkward to tape to the camera body without light leaks.

So I came up with an idea, I used a lens adapter which I use for my old legacy Olympus lenses and taped the pinhole lens to this.
Next problem…. I’d made the pinhole too big and everything was too blurred, so I had to make another smaller hole and cover the old one, the images are never gonna be sharp with this anyway.

Today we had some good sunlight so off I went to the local park with my mini tripod and pinhole camera to give it a go.
Here’s the pics, I converted to black and white in LR and added some of the standard LR filters for black and white, mainly red and blue contrast filters.
The results were ok, with shutter speeds varying around 2 seconds, but shooting into the sun gave me some mental lens flare effects I really like these a lot!

The other thing that this pinhole lens make very obvious is sensor dust, look at the images here with the blobs of dust on them, the EM5 is meant to have a sensor cleaning system on every start up!


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