Home Developing Ilford HP5

So I’m continuing with my film photography journey and developed two rolls of Ilford HP5 using a simple stand method found on this site Melbourne Street Photography and titled ‘The easiest way to develop B&W film ever’.

The title was correct it was very simple and a well set out method to follow.

Here it is.

1.Load the film into the reels and into your tank. Make sure you do it in a change bag or under
your doona. Just make sure it is pitch black.

2.Pre soak the film for 5mins if you are developing medium format film – it has a coating on it
which needs to be dissolved. If you are developing 35mm film, you can skip this step. Cold
water out of the tap is fine.

3.Mix up your developer at a ratio of 1+100. If you are preparing 1000mls, then mix 10mls of
Adonal with 990mls of water. Try and get the water temperature around 20 degrees if you can.
Anywhere from 18 – 22 degrees is probably going to work fine. If you need less than 500mls of
developing solution, make sure you don’t use any less than 5mls of Adonal in the mix.

4.Pour in the developer into the tank.
Gently agitate the tank for a minute by spinning the reels with the twisting tool. Alternate
between clockwise and anticlockwise. There is no need to tip the tank upside down etc.

5.Leave the tank to stand for about 30 minutes.

6.Agitate the reels again gently for about a minute.

7.Leave the tank to stand again for about 30 minutes.

8.Pour out the developer.
Fill the tank with tap water and pour out.

9.Pour in the fixer (after preparing it to the correct mixing dilution 1+4. So for 1000mls use
200mls of Ilford Rapid Fixer with 800mls of water).

10.Agitate for the first minute continuously, then for ten seconds each minute. Total of five
minutes. Pour out the fixer into a storage container – Ilford Rapid Fixer is reusable and
has a chemical colour marker that will show purple when it is exhausted.

11.Rinse the film thoroughly. Fill the tank with water, agitate and empty 5 or 6 times. Leave
the tap running into the tank for about 10 minutes.

12.Squeegee off the water with your (clean) fingers and hang to dry.

Then the part I hate…. scanning!

So here are the pics, the problem with me is I forget to mark which film came out of which camera… after digging through my grey cells I remembered this one was from the Yeshica GTN,I remembered because the film jammed at the end and I was in Battersea in the pissing down rain trying free it up. This has happened before with this camera, it feels like the spool gets overloaded on the last 5 or so pics in the roll and is too tight to wind on. The quality on some (most) of the images is not very good and these are the best of a bad bunch.

This will be continued in the next post with the second roll, the images are better.


2 thoughts on “Home Developing Ilford HP5

  1. Make sure you give regular developing a try too! The results are great, and it isn’t that hard after you have mastered stand developing!

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