Shoot Film!

So, I’ve decided I’m packing away the digital camera’s for a while and I’m going to shoot film exclusively and use my iPhone more. I’ll be using a selection of camera’s including Nikon F3, Olympus XA and Yashica GTN and since I have loads of film to use up…. I bought a load of Agfa from Poundland and a batch of out of date Ilford HP5 so I won’t need to buy any yet.

I have done a bit of home black and white developing and I’ve been experimenting with various methods including stand developing which is kind of a lazy method, but I’m not set on any formula that I use religiously… I’m still very much a learner.

The other learning curve for my film shooting experience is the scanning process, as I aim to only pay for a colour dev service and scan the negs myself to keep costs down. I have been looking at some scans I had done by the pro lab I use… A.G. Photographic, and thought I would try and scan the negs they developed to compare them to the images on the disc they supplied.

My scanner is an Epson 4490, and after a few attempts I have got a basic idea of what I’m doing but the imperfections on my scans are far more visible than AG’s scan, if any scanning experts are out there all tips are welcome! It seems dust spots and a hair/scratch is visible on mine, I cleaned the scanner bed, blew it for dust/hair over and over but no joy….. do labs re-touch the scans before sending them out? I doubt it, the time consumption would be massive, but I don’t know. I’ve posted my experimental image here with AG’s scan for comparison.

This the lab scan Nikon F3 Nikkor 50mm F1.4 lens and HP5.

My effort, note the ‘horn’ coming out of the left side of his head and the other imperfections on the left side of the image. I cleaned everything over and over maybe the neg is scratched I dunno….. arggggggh!


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