Sunrise and Sunset in the Peak District

I have been planning to go to the Peak District for a while now to do a quick overnight camp, capture a sunset and then sunrise from the top of one of the hills.   I know the area very well as I grew up in Sheffield, and the Peak District was my stomping ground for my climbing and walking adventures.

We camped in Edale at …. very reasonable rates, and right at the foot of Kinder Scout.

Arriving mid afternoon, we went for a walk up Jacobs Ladder, famous for being at the start and finish of the Pennine Way and to the windy top of Kinder. Then off and down to Mam Tor to await the sunset.

We got some pics then headed in the car down to Castleton to find a comfy pub for some grub and a beer. I can’t believe that only one pub sells food after 9pm on a Saturday night…. they are missing out on money here!

After what can only be described as a crap nights non-sleep in a sleeping bag too tight (a mummy bag that wasn’t wide enough) and a tent that was too short and felt like I was going to put my feet through the end of it! I have now upgraded my camping kit into a proper back packing tent and a grown up sleeping bag, and am fully prepared for all out sleep next time!

Up at 04.30, it was a relief to get out of the torture chamber (tent) and up to the summit of Mam Tor, more high winds with clouds flying by at a rapid rate of knots. We just made sunrise, which was very disappointing image wise, due to the low cloud base. A few snaps then a speedy pack up of kit back at base camp, and a rapid retreat home.

Peak District 2015-6

The walk up to the bottom of Jacobs Ladder from the camp site.

Peak District 2015-144 Peak District 2015-77 Peak District 2015-9

The view from the top of Jacobs Ladder

Peak District 2015-43

Winnats Pass, Castleton, from the top of Mam Tor

Peak District 2015-18

Foot path to the summit

Peak District 2015-26

Trig Point on Mam Tor

Peak District 2015-160


Peak District 2015-1 Peak District 2015-21 Peak District 2015-2

All images taken on the Olympus OMD EM5 edited in Lightroom.

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