Columbia Rd Flower Market

A visit to Columbia Road in East London on Sunday. The flower market closes down around 3pm and that’s when the last minute bargains come up.

The sun was out and it felt like all of London had turned up for a last minute deal on their flowers. It was at bursting point, the most I could do was shuffle along in the flow of people no room to lift a camera.

I escaped down a side exit and broke free of the swarm.

Too much.

I found hipsters hanging out in the sun on the pavement outside the pub.

A guitar playing guy singing along.

It felt like summer.

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2 thoughts on “Columbia Rd Flower Market

  1. Ah nice Bob. I guess we were all hipsters in our time I was when the East end was getting hip in the 90’s and these catch the new brigade for today – on a lovely day!

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