Street Colour

Seeing as the Summer sun seems to have gone on holiday for a few days, I thought I’d post a few of my street colour images to brighten things up, just as I type this, it has started to rain!!… English Summer? Pffft!

These were all taken in London.

4th Aug 2013-7

4th Oct 2012-27

4th Oct 2012-37

9th March 2014-10

12th Aug 2013-2

13th March 2013-1

13th March 2013-12


London South Bank-1


Street 23rd Oct 2013-10

Street photography-23


2 thoughts on “Street Colour

  1. Great photos! I especially like composition of some shots, like that with a finger pointing to a woman. Colours are also cool, green balloons are really great.

    • Hi Ivan, thanks for the comments, the Fuji X-100 is a great option as an alternative to shooting film, (I shoot film occasionally too). At the moment the original X-100 can be a great bargain as the upgraded versions are on sale bringing prices down. I can thoroughly recommend it! 🙂

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