Fujinon 35mm has arrived.

I could’t help myself from signing up for the X-Pro1 deal with 2 lenses, I have been getting used to the 18mm focal length… you have to get that bit closer to your subject. It is a really good lens… smooth, light and sharp. I love it.

Then my free 35mm arrived…wow! This lens is the nuts! The focal length equivalent to near enough 50mm took me a bit of adjusting to, as I am so used to the 35mm equiv. on the X-100, and after using the 18mm for a while, I just seemed to be getting in a tangle, too close to things. But once I had got used to it I really like it.. no I love it. It’s great for street shooting, giving you just enough distance from the subject without getting too in their face, and if you want to play around with Bokeh at f1.4, then it is dreamy! This lens will be stuck on my X-Pro more or less permanently.

Here’s some images from a day out in London, I shot all day in black and white using in-camera settings for high contrast and processed some of them in Lightroom using a free preset from here

1st April 2014-11

1st April 2014-14

1st April 2014-22

1st April 2014-27

1st April 2014-33

1st April 2014-35

1st April 2014-37

1st April 2014-38

1st April 2014-16


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