X-Pro1 has landed!

This last week has seen a couple of big changes for me. Basically Fujifilm have launched their latest flagship camera the XT-1,and it’s getting rave reviews too!… on the back of this they have announced a fantastic deal (that is now extended ’till the end of March) on the X-Pro1 camera including the lovely XF18mm F2 lens. The deal is you buy the body and 18mm and then you can claim a free lens of your choice, either the 60mm, 35mm or the 27mm. It’s such a great deal that I couldn’t resist! :)…So I have a load of other kit for sale now to pay for it!

The X-Pro1 had a bit of an indifferent press when it was first launched, the AF was troublesome and like the X-100 it took some getting used to, forcing owners to rethink their photography and adapt themselves to the camera. Now both cameras have benefitted from firmware updates and it has worked wonders for them, they are transformed, and really are so different to what they were at first.

I have ordered the 35mm which equates to about 52mm in full frame terms, so now I have an excellent coverage of focal lengths from 18mm (27mm) the X-100 gives me the classic 35mm equivalent and when the new lens arrives I’ll have 50mm, all in the stunning Fujinon glass. I have also added a thumb grip, this has improved the handling, I have one on my X-100 too and can thoroughly recommend getting one.

11th March 2014-3

11th March 2014-4

11th March 2014-5

11th March 2014-6


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