X-100 50mm Equivalent Teleconverter!

Yesterday I saw some spectacular news that will please a hell of a lot of FujiFilm X-100/100S users. It was announced on Fuji Rumours that a 50mm equivalent teleconverter had been seen, it quickly snowballed from rumour to fact!…. I asked the question on Twitter would it be official? and it went a bit mad, getting replies from the Fuji Guys saying if enough interest was shown it would be considered if the demand was high…. from the response I thing they got their answer in a few minutes!

It was later announced on Twitter by FujiFilm UK that it was official and it would be released, but no date as yet it’s still in development.

So….this news is a game changer for us veteran X-100 owners, first they came up with the equivalent of a 28mm adaptor, then the fantastic firmware update 2.0 which transformed the camera completely, and now this. It virtually means the X-100 is an interchangeable lens camera, and I for one will be buying! (unless FujiFilm UK want to ‘lend’ me one!)

Here’s a link to the Fuji Rumours site where it was first spotted.


href=”https://twentythreethirtyfive.files.wordpress.com/2014/02/50mm-x-100-large.jpg”>50mm x-100.jpg-large


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