Featuring…..Simon Peckham

I have been a Fujifilm X100 shooter since September 2011, the shot of me in the car mirror is the first image I kept… having opened the package one lunch time from it arriving at work.
I’m not a professional photographer really, but that I mean I do not make my living from photography, however I would dearly love to one day. I have taken quite a few paying clients but mainly to pay for 
new equipment of a tech toy nature, oh and TFP’s to help others and models with portfolio’s etc. 
I have a boring day job as a Manufacturing Development Manager. 

I was a Nikon guy with D80 first and then D300s, with a bunch of lenses, once I had my hands on the little X100 it completely change my Photographic desires. I sold all my Nikon gear Christmas the same year
and bought the Fuji X-E1 to use as my “pro-kit”. 

My passion is photography along with motor-roaming in my camper in the UK and recently Europe, I do this when every I have the slightest chance, 1 weekend in 3 min, this provides a feast of new subject matter to shoot, I regard myself as extremely fortunate. 

I shoot mainly with the X100 but this year I have set myself a challenge of One Camera One Lens and thus chose the X-E1 and 35mm f/1.4 its going to be an interesting year. 

I have messed about with a number of photography genres, I particularly enjoyed working on location with models, technically challenging, working with speed-lights all in manual while the sun is setting is well cool.

The shot of Natalie with my Nikon D300s pointing at me on the jetty taken with X100 is one of my all time faves, another recent favourite was on a street walk in London and we took a ride on the cable car and I got this shot of the O2. Last up is a shot of a drain cover, yep its the sort of thing you will find your self shooting with an X100, why ? because you can and the results are way too cool not to. 

Learn to use the darn thing by shooting with it ….lots ….. then, swear at it and then use it some more, fight it, curse it again,  and finally you realise its the best camera you ever owned, because in spite of all that angst you just fall in love with the images you can produce from it. Then you by then next pro model it launches because it beat Nikon and Canon at there own game and it listens to its users, and then delights them. Fuji just rocks with the X-series period.

I have now taken something like 6000 frames with the thing and its never missed a beat, its a leaf shutter and it will keep going for a very long time yet, go and did I mention ifs a leaf shutter …….. that means flash sync at 1000/sec and even higher if you lights can handle it. what more do you want….. 

Yes I am going to buy another one, i’m going to check out the new OVF in the X-T1 and if it is as good as some people are saying I will wait until they put one the X100SX or X200 or what ever they choose to call it and I will be first in the queue with my fist full of cash to hand them….joy 

Cheers Bob 

Simon Peckham
Email: simon.peckham@me.com
Website effort: http://www.simonpeckham.co.uk
Blog effort: http://simonpeckham.wordpress.com
Twitter chatter: @simonpeckham


One thought on “Featuring…..Simon Peckham

  1. The photo on a jetty is really a treat. I used to have a small collection of retro film cameras, but had to abandon it as there is no more option to buy and develop film where I live now. I really miss rangefinders, maybe I should look up these Fuji cameras.

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