Tones of Astia on the X-100

More from the streets of London, these two images were taken on Oxford Street. It’s always full of shoppers so walking up and down there usually results in a decent image presenting its self, some would say it’s like shooting fish in a barrel, but hey if I can choose from walking miles around Central London or doing a lap of Oxford street, I know what I’ll do!
Although it is good to change locations from time to time, I am going to giving the ‘west end’ a miss for a while and move my efforts into the city to see what that brings.

The Astia mode on the X-100 is my current favourite setting, I love the colour tones it produces, and they require very little in the way of editing, maybe a little ‘punch’ in Lightroom but that’s usually it.

Jan 28th 2014 -8

Jan 28th 2014 -9

Jan 28th 2014 -10


4 thoughts on “Tones of Astia on the X-100

    • Thanks Simon for taking time out to reply. The lady was sampling perfume I think and he was going in for a sniff to see if he liked it! Situations like this sort of jump out in front of you at times, especially on Oxford St. so a quick reaction is needed and most of the time composition goes out of the window!….. they were quite well matched in the colour tones of their clothes and hair though I think!!

      Bob. 🙂

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