The X-100F Frankenstein Edition!

I’ve been seeing quite a few X-100 pics where the owners have ‘customised’ their cameras.
For what ever reason, whether it be to rough it up and make it less like an expensive camera worth stealing, or a stealth thing, where they think it will stand out less in public and not draw any attention to just wanting a black version without the added expense of buying one! …Hey gaffer tape is cheaper!!

Sooooo, I thought I might give it a go. My reason is probably the last one, I prefer black cameras, combined with the fact I love the ‘roughed up’ look, a bit like you’d buy a vintage looking coat or bag. I have been asked is it a vintage camera in the past, but I have to come clean, I’m a terrible liar!

It’s not gonna be to everyone’s taste but hey it’s my X-100, I can do whatever I like with it! 🙂
So I bought my roll of gaffer tape and set about my creation, a bit fiddly at times and it looks like a Frankenstein monster of a camera, but I’m thrilled to bits with how it turned out.

Check out the Beast!




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