London Fashion Week AW 2013

Seeing as I’ve neglected the blog for a few months, I thought I’d update on things.
I almost sold my X-100!!… shock! Horror! I bought an Olympus OM-D, as the Fuji was pissing me off a tad ( to say the least)! with the now famous auto focus issue, so I seemed to be using it more and more and using the Fuji even less.

I thought well I may as well just sell the Fuji as it doesn’t get used….. until I tried to sell… ok the price has plumeted for as we all know the new X-100s is due out any time soon, and Fuji folk are selling up in anticipation, so not the best time financially. However I have fallen into a bit of a relationship with this little quirky sod of a camera, and when someone offered me what I wanted for it, I just could not bring myself to pack it off to someone else!!

So I have kept it, and yet again adjusted the way I use it for street photography…. my current settings are based around Zone focusing and it is set on manual focus…. f8 or 5.6…shutter at 1/250 ish depending on light… auto ISO… and around 7ft on the focus scale… This gives zero shutter lag, the zone is 7ft so a few feet either side of that is still in acceptable focus range, and all is well again. I just love the Velvia setting, the colours are superb!

This should really have been a separate blog post to the Fashion week but I’m putting it all on one, because I can!…. any way here’s some pics taken in the courtyard at this years show. Hope you enjoy.
















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