Featuring…..Paul Slaney

Im a director of a large International Exhibition/Event construction business based in the UK and as such my life involves a lot of travel on an almost daily basis. My love of photography developed from the urge to record the places, events, people and scenes along the way and funnel my creative energy into something different to the day to day constructions I get involved in.
I also enjoy and collect cameras, particularly 1960’s and 70’s rangefinders indeed 90% of my photography is with one rangefinder or another. In honesty this is what attracted me to the x100. Just as soon as I saw the advertising I knew I just had to have one. Retro rangefinder style, fast 23/35mm lens, manual controls, digital output!  Wow!
I moved heaven and earth and got my hands on one of the first models to arrive in the UK. It helps being the main contractor for a Trade Fair now and again.
It was love at first sight, the frustrations that other x100 users reported all over the web never entered my mind as more and more my x-100 became   an extension of my life. It goes everywhere with me, to work, play, car, trains, planes, boats, shopping, restaurants, walking the dogs, you name it. Its been all over Europe, several States in the US and knows London as well as any black cab driver.
Together, we’ve captured 10’s of thousands of images. Not once has it failed me and I love the image quality it produces.
As I write its sat on my desk, battered, scratched and worn, with a battery being charged for the day ahead. All the rest, Canon, Olympus, Yashika and Leica with their wonderful and fast fixed focal length lenses, sit in the drawer waiting for their chance.

My usual x100 settings
I always shoot with the LCD off and in Raw and BW jpeg. My shots are processed with Aperture and Silver Effex Pro.
The in-camera jpeg gives me an idea of the image in Black and White. When I get the chance, I quickly review the days efforts on the LCD at which point probably 70% of my shots get deleted before they even see a computer screen.
In general, I shoot through the EVF. The camera set to Aperture Priority with a high auto iso (3200) and the ND filter on the function button. I prefer  to set to spot meter. Thats it.
You can trust your x100 to get the shot!
I also enjoy using the x100 wide open with the ND filter in bright, contrasty situations and the fill flash is fantastic!
On the street however, I’ve been getting reasonable results shooting fully manual, with a high auto iso and zone focusing. Just like shooting an Olympus Trip! (I love those too)

Other Stuff

I’ve dressed my x-100 with a Match Technical thumbs up and Soft Release. Im my opinion they both improve the handling considerably. The thumbs up really does improve the grip when you consider I don’t often use a strap.
When I do use a strap the standard Leica type is the way to go, fast to get on and off the camera, it protects the top plate, comfortable, adjustable and long. I carry the x100 over one shoulder under my open jacket, ready to swing out when I need it.
A spare battery in my pocket and I’m good to go.

Whats next?
There is a dark cloud on the horizon though! as also on the desk is a shiny new X-pro1and its calling my name!

Some photo’s

2 thoughts on “Featuring…..Paul Slaney

  1. I can understand you very well. I fell in love with the X-100 at first sight. And even now I have also X-E1, I keep using it very often. 🙂

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