Featuring…..Bryan Minear

I’m a designer & photographer living in Dallas, Tx. Been shooting since a young age, my grandpa was a photographer and Canon shooter in the 60’s. I still have and shoot with his FT-QL 35mm frequently. I mainly shoot weddings and portraits, and ever since seeing the X100 for the first time pre-release, before even reviewing a spec sheet, I knew I had to have one in my hands. After going back and forth about what kind of backup camera I wanted, I decided that I would get an X100.


I’ve only owned it for a week, but I haven’t gone anywhere without it hanging from my body. Its nice to have something other than an iPhone for day to day shots. I just ordered a UHS-1 memory card to replace my class 4 because I am a firm believer in RAW shooting, and the RAW write speeds with the class 4 card are unbearable. The jpeg’s straight out of camera are gorgeous, and I should be ok with them for what i shoot. But I am a control freak, and I want the option to shoot RAW without having to wait on the camera. So far that’s really the only discrepency that I have with the camera. It has little quirks that you get use to pretty quick, but all in all my experiences are all positive.


I haven’t really gotten a chance to go out to different locations and put it to the test yet, but I have a jam packed traveling summer that includes getting married in Michigan and a honeymoon in Chicago, and I am leaving my 5DMKII at home and soley relying on the X100.


My fav setting right now are Velvia film style, med-hard shadows, and I have been testing the auto dynamic range feature. I can honestly say the auto ISO feature has blown my mind. It works so incredibly well, much better than on any other camera I have ever shot with.


I’m really hoping that in a firmware update Fuji introduces some sort of intervalometer feature since there are no ports to plug intervalometers into. I feel like this would be a perfect time-lapse camera.


Thanks Bryan!


portfolio: http://bryanminear.com/

500px: http://500px.com/bryanminear

twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/bryanminear

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