Sticky Aperture Blades

My X-100 today became the latest victim of S.A.B. issues or sticky aperture blades. I was out shooting this afternoon, trying to get some macro shots when it really started struggling with focussing. Now, having had his camera for a couple of months now, I’m quite used to the unexpected happening! as I’m sure other users will agree. However I will say things have improved massively with the latest firmware update.

Then it got worse.. blowing out massively at big F stops and under exposing in the next breath. I was pulling my hair out after trying every combo of settings, I gave up and came home looking for the hammer. I got straight onto google and the problem was soon apparent… it had S.A.B. syndrome!..da,,da..daaaa!

I called the suppliers Digital Depot in Stevenage, who understood and had experience in dealing with the problem, apparently it goes back to Fuji UK and a new ‘module’ implanted. A quick turnaround is expected.

So..if your X-100 starts to REALLY play up on exposures…. it maybe worth checking out the Aperture blade!


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