Hi there, to kick off the featured owners section I’m gonna feature… Me!

Here goes.. I’m Bob Rhodes, based in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, not born n bred, my roots are in Sheffield, Yorkshire and I left there aged about twenty five to seek my fortune in London…..( didn’t make a fortune but still work there ). I have been taking street photography seriously for about 2 years now, it’s a great buzz, and at the same time, I find it quite relaxing and therapeutic!

I started using a Lumix GF1, which I love for street shooting, very discreet, light and fast… but I wanted a Fuji so the Lumix had to go… broke my heart. I bought it in February 2012.

I can’t really put names to people who inspire my photography, as I get inspired on a daily basis from just looking at other peoples work on the web and in books, not from specific photographers. I am interested in light (after all that’s what photography is!) it may be a bit cliched, but hey every day is a school day and people can say this and that is cliche but each to their own, if I wanna shoot light beams with people in I will, and if I wanna shoot puddles with people jumping over them… I’ll do that as well. The way I see it, street photography for me is about freedom, and enjoyment… I’m not about to become famous so ‘art critics’ can look back at my work and say”ooh but he’s so cliche” so I don’t really care! Shoot what makes you happy. Anyway rant over… I like light and People!

I do most of my street shooting in London, as I’m down there quit a lot anyway. My fav spots so far are the Southbank of the Thames, Camden and Brick Lane. The Southbank is always buzzing, and this summer should be a great one there as it’s the Olympics ( as if you didn’t know! ) and there will be some good events coming up, complete with loads of people to shoot!!

I’m now experimenting with film as well as digital, and have been making a few purchases on eBay, my film camera collection will be complete (for now) with my next purchase. I am also trying self developing as well, which is not going too well at the moment to be honest.. but that’s another story!

The X-100 is constantly being improved by Fuji’s firmware updates, and the AF is now loads better. I still find that a super fast SD card formatted in camera a big boost to speeding things up, and I use the ‘zone’ focus method for really fast street shooting. A wealth of info can be dug up Here at the fuji X-Forum.

I have another ‘Blogger’ blog, at www.bobrhodesphotographer.com with my older street stuff on.

Follow me on Twitter @bobrhodesphotos

So… here’s a couple of pics…. first up My beloved Fuji X-100. I heart it!

Not JUST about street… the Velvia setting is fantastic for Landscapes… and mushrooms!

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