Getting Its Bling On!

My X-100 with recently acquired bling, a Gordy’s wrist strap, these things are QUALITY! real thick chewy hide that look like you could use them to tow a car, great service and not too long a wait from the ‘States to UK.

Also a HorusBennu Thumb grip, from Ebay, these are great for when you are carrying the camera around the streets, it sort of lock it into your palm, leaving the forefinger free for shutter duties. Saves the thumb from inadvertently moving the settings around too. Another long distance purchase from the far east…a couple of weeks, but well worth the wait!

The lens hood and UV filter to protect the superb lens completes the pimping process …. for now!

ps. Ignore the settings on the camera, I’d just wrestled with it fitting it all together and couldn’t wait to photograph it to put on Facebook!

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